Alcoholic Beverages Brands in Social Media: Two Examples

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Alcoholic beverage brands are social companies by nature, they´re born with the marketing goal of encouraging their consumers to spend more time with their closest “friends” and consume the products that their companies represent.

With the purpose of maintaining and enhancing this social aspect, many companies of this industry are already looking towards digital media to increase the presence of their brands and build a community with their followers.However, many nations worldwide have promised to be more severe with alcoholic beverage companies that try to advertise their products through different social platforms, considering that such advertisement could instigate new generations to drink in excess this type of beverages.

Although it´s true that social media has proved to be an efficient tool to obtain good results for this type of bussinesses, it´s also true that because of the nature of the product, brands involved in the alcoholic beverage industry have to be extracareful with the content shared in social media. Specially on how and what type of information gets to its users.

So, How does an alcoholic beverage brand reaches its target audience inside a media where it can hardly control who access the information, and at the same time generate loyalty among its consumers responsably?

The same way other “delicate” products are advertised, specially in social media. The key is how the information is given, in other words, creating atractive contents to the target audience without leaving aside the responsability the brand has with the rest of the users.On this matter, we have found two examples that achieved great results reaching its targe audience responsibly through social media without appealing to the consumption of their products.

Modelo Group

The beer company found in music the best way to responsibly their brand into social media offering content that appeal directly to their target audience. Throughout their proyect “Corona Music”, the company successfully generated engagement with its consumers within a space where they could share their videos and experiences with celebrities that participated in events promoted by the firm, e.g. Corona Capital, through different platforms like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.

More over, thanks to the alliance with Sony Music, the company’s followers had the chance to legally download several musical themes from the official site of the initiative. Nowadays the brand has more than 45.000 followers in the Corona Music account in Twitter, at least 35.000 fans in Facebook, and 11.776 suscribers in their Youtube channel.

Cuervo Especial

The renowned tequila firm Jose Cuervo has made Youtube one of its most powerful tools in brand placement. By producing fun videos under the slogan “celebrar el ser especial” (celebrate being special), the company achieved huge presence in Youtube with close to 1’365.568 suscribers.

This multimedia material gave the brand more than 90.000 visits to their web site, near 9.000 likes and close to 24.000 shared photos on their
Facebook profile in only a couple of hours.

On the other hand, their Ipad application “La Calchupadora” which calculates the necessary amount of snacks and drinks for a party, has been downloaded
more than 30.000 times since it was launched.

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