3 Mobile Advertisement Tendecies for 2013

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3 Mobile Advertisement Tendecies for 2013

Mobility and Internet were two of the most discussed hot topics in brands for 2012.
Mobile Gadgets were obviously the main point of contact with the customers. In this scenario marketing through mobile makes more sense than ever.

In the same page Dippak Khurana, co-founder and executive director of gave on a recent speech, what according to him are the 5 main tendencies that will drive advertisement in 2013.

1. A more aggresive multiplatform schema. Advertisers adapt their campaigns according to the capacity of smartphones, but many of them use only 1 o 2 platforms from the wide range that the mobile ecosystem has to offer. However, as the mobile media continues to grow rapidly, in 2013 advertisers will have to incorporate a more aggresive and intelligent multiplatform strategy or be under the risk of losing a big deal of consumers to other mobile environments.

Non-smartphone mobile phones are still dominating emerging markets with 80% of penetration, however a big percentage of them are not suited for some internet services specially web surfing, e-mail access, and downloading some social applications like Facebook, viber iphone. In more industrialized markets like the US, smartphones have a higher penetration with 45%.

That is the reason why advertisers have to invest more time in evaluating consumer´s mobile habits and behaviour patterns, to develop smart campaigns that connect with consumers regardless of the mobile platform that they use.

2. In-app model fusioned with incomes for advertisement. Developers that use the classic model of in-app purchase to add value to their products, can evidence than only 5% or 10% of the total mass of consumers converts into payment transactions, and with a higher number of users of applications from emerging markets, this conversion rate will tend to be much lower. On the latter ones mobile penetration is higher even though the GDP is much lower and penetration of credit cards is only of one digit.

Therefore, developers will have to take quick measures to add value to the 95% left of its data base consumers. One way is to take advantage of systems connected to billing for micro-transactions of mobile carriers, another way is to combine in-app models of sale with mobile advertisement.

3. Carriers will try to recover their space in mobile advertisement. The idea was for carriers to have a significant participation in the mobile advertisement ecosystem, but we already know that story. Users went for the use of internet and platforms (IOS, Android, etc), they jammed the inventory and so the participation of Telecommunication Companies (Telcos) was limited to the marketing of the already devaluated Wap portal. The rest of channels (SMS basically) under control of the carrier had no consistent development except for some specific cases. It therefore seems that at this moment the Telcos had lost the mobile advertising train.

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